5 Intriguing Ways to Utilize Roller Banner Posters

5 Intriguing Ways to Utilize Roller Banner Posters


When using roller banners to maximum effect, there’s a number of different factors you should be thinking about in order to create the most powerful possible approach. By utilising a number of artistic, creative and impactful techniques, you can craft a physical presence for your business that intrigues and draws viewers in. The whole purpose of a roller banner poster is always going to be drawing viewers in. You want a piece of graphic design that immediately communicates exactly what you need it to, intriguing viewers and creating a powerful first impression. This is always going to be key, and here are five ways to intrigue and draw viewers in with your roller banners. 

Think Creative

There’s a million ways people have used posters creatively, from glow-in-the-dark to blacklights, optical illusions to realistic simulations, posters can be a whole lot more than just static, flat images. The key here is thinking about what you really want to be conveying and delivering through your posters, and how you can implement that in an interesting, intriguing way. Brainstorm ideas, the wackier the better, then think about how you can make these ideas real. 

High Contrast and Striking Colour Choices

Let’s get a little more old-fashioned. Simply going with some really striking, high-contrast colour and design choices can make for a much more powerful presence. Consider amplifying the contrast on images, going with monochromatic colour schemes, or simple two or three colour schemes. As well as this, think about the colours you’re using, and the psychology of colour choices within marketing. There are bright primary colours, neon colours, and high-contrast light and dark options. In short, you want a design that sticks out in the crowd and draws the eye in. 


Powerful Minimalism


It’s also vital to consider just how much content you’re including on your roller banners. You don’t want a crowded, bewildering mass of text and images on there, you want to be delivering the key messages and imagery in the manner that takes into account how long people will be looking at the poster, the distance at which they will be viewing and the purpose of the poster in question. In all these contexts, it’s vital to consider minimalism as the order of the day. Stylish less is always better than confused more, so keep a minimalist approach at the core of your approach and you’ll intrigue and impact far more people. 


Go Large


What’s the point of a huge roller banner poster if you’re not going to go BIG with your imagery and text? In lots of contexts, bigger isn’t necessarily better, but when it comes to making an impression, bigger means a more striking presence as well as a greater distance at which you can recognise the content of the poster. Go big or go home! It’s important to make the caveat here that if you’re creating a roller banner poster to support the sales process or for delivering more information, it needs to simply be functional at the typical range customers will be reading and engaging with it. Consider the purpose of the poster in question!


Clever, Clear and Compelling Copy

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a potential customer come up and notice a glaring grammatical error or spelling mistake in your poster graphics. Nothing makes businesses look more amateurish than weak, wordy or aimless copy. You need tight, precision-engineered verbiage that understands its own role within the poster as a whole, allowing you to craft roller banner posters with specific roles within your exhibition stand or sales process. 

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