7 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd at Your Next Tradeshow

7 ways to stand out

at Your Next Tradeshow

When it comes to really making the most of a tradeshow or exhibition, you never want to be forgettable or boring. Connecting with attendees and getting your brand message across is vital, so here are seven ways to stand out at your next tradeshow. From giveaways to great roller banner signage, these will absolutely get you noticed. 

Preparation is Vital

Remember, presenting your business at a tradeshow is a vital opportunity to show off your expertise and engage with potential customers. The better you know your business, your audience, and the event attendees, the better you’re going to do. This means preparation and research, as well as putting your best guys front and centre. 

Make an Impression

If you’ve got a product or niche that features something impressive or attention-grabbing, take it along with you. Doing something unexpected and unusual is a sure way to make sure people take notice. If you’re in the tech industry, why not have a virtual reality booth? You want to be the guys that people remember from the event. 


Refreshments Are Still a Big Deal

“Hey, have you been over to see those guys in the corner? They have POPCORN!” Want people to come to your table? Great refreshments are always going to be a solid draw. The goal here isn’t to attempt to feed everyone in the room, but if you’re wanting to draw people in before you engage them, you can do a lot worse than having great refreshments. Depending on the event, options like ice cream, smoothies, coffee, chocolate, or even cocktails can really drive engagement. Make sure this is appropriate at the event you’re exhibiting at. 

Invest in a Spectacular Display


When it comes to first impressions, there’s nothing more important than the right display. Roller banners are the perfect option, allowing you to get large, high-quality graphics and imagery backing up your presence and showcasing your brand. Roll up banners can be a great option for travelling with as well, taking up less room than other signage options while still delivering a professional flourish. 


    Have Your Exhibition Team in Uniform

    It goes without saying that it’s important to present a united front, letting potential customers know exactly who they’re talking to. This is going to boost brand recognition, as well as simply making you look polished and professional. You don’t need anything loud or extravagant, something as simple as a branded polo will going to unify your team. 

    Giveaways Are Great (When They’re Actually Useful)

    We’ve all got plenty of ballpoint pens. If you want to be memorable, you’ve got to provide something either fun or useful otherwise you’re just giving away tat that’ll see the bin in no time. 

    Great useful branded giveaway options include mugs (especially giant ones!), USB sticks, shot glasses, notebooks, torches, tote bags, and phone chargers, but the more outside-the-box your giveaway is (while still being useful) the better it’ll be received. Fun options include things like plush toys, piggy banks, and puzzles, perfect to take home for the kids. There’s plenty of ideas out there for great giveaways, so get thinking!

    Powerful Imagery and Graphics

    Having great signage is all well and good, but you need to make sure your imagery and graphics are well-designed and presented. Make sure to make use of solid design and visual accompaniments, showcasing your business offerings while supporting your team doing the talking. It’s important to consider the purpose of your presence at the tradeshow here, making sure to utilise the graphics and signage to support your goals. 

    While you don’t need to do absolutely everything on this list, these ideas will help you refine and improve your tradeshow or exhibition performance, helping convey a professional and innovative business. Whether you’re going with the simple option of quality signage, a roller banner, and some fun giveaways, or going all-out, it’s always possible to stand out from the crowd and get your business brand message and ideas across. 


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