Artwork Guideline Terms

Here at Roller Banners Limited we pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction. We provide a fully comprehensive in-house design and print service for all our customers. Our design service is completely FREE OF CHARGE! Please follow the guide lines below to ensure we provide you with the very best results when printing your product. We highly recommend that any artwork you upload or send to us to appear on your product is a high resolution to ensure that we are able to give you the best results during the printing process. We appreciate that this is not always possible and our design team will do their up most to recreate these to produce a better quality finish.


We ask that all files that you are required to supply us with are saved in either of the following formats:

Adobe Acrobat - .pdf

Adobe Illustrator - .ai

PostScript - .eps

JPEG - .jpg

PhotoShop - .psd

Illustrator & Corel Draw

Our talented and highly-skilled design team are currently using Coral Draw 2022 when working with your artwork and design, therefore we can accept all files that are saved in this version or a previous version. If you are using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, please save your file as either ai, eps, pdf or cdr format. It is essential that your artwork is set to 25% and all fonts are set to outlines to ensure that these are not lost in the print process.


Please supply the font file when possible or outline the font if your cannot supply the file. 


If you are using Adobe Photoshop, please save artwork as psd, tiff or high quality jpeg format. We highly recommend that you reduce your file size to approximately half of its original print size by flattening the image - making it easier to upload and transfer. Please ensure that any images are saved at a minimum resolution of 300dpi - so that the quality is not compromised.

Colour matching

We use Pantones to help us produce products which have the closest colour matching. To aid us in this, we ask that you also inform a member of our team, whilst placing your order, of the pantones which have been included within your artwork by specifying the pantone numbers. It is highly important that we are informed of these so that we can do our up most to guarantee the final colour print is accurate and to your liking.

Print Ready Artwork

We do not check print ready artwork we assume the artwork supplied is ready to print. Our print production is very quick & automated process. The best way to ensure your artwork will print out correctly is by supplying a JPEG at 25% of the full size. 

We only guarantee the artwork quality when you opt for our paid for artwork service.