How to make Engaging Roller Banners

Roller Banners are an effective way to advertise your business at trade shows and events. But, with their limited size, how do you make an engaging design? Well, here are our 5 tips for creating the best roller banner design for any purpose.

Logo Placement

Regardless of the size of the roller banner, you should always think carefully about where your core business message will go. Including your Company Logo in this is a must, and you most likely want it (alongside your business name and slogan) to be eye level with passers-by. Thus, placing your logo at the top, or at least two-thirds up a Giant Roller Banner, is highly recommended for getting people’s attention.


Images can be a great way to gain people’s interest in your products and make your company’s message more engaging. However, our advice for including pictures is as follows:

  • Think about presentation: use high-quality images (at least 300 dpi), especially for products
  • Relevancy: make sure the image relates to what your business is providing
  • Utilise websites: If you don’t have many pictures, check out some free stock image websites

Colour Scheme

It may sound obvious, but colour schemes on your roller banners should match the colours of your logo and/or business name so that it is recognisable to the public. Using complementary colours is also an effective way of making your design more eye-catching, and thus more engaging.

Balancing information and aesthetic

Building on the above, add only essential information about your products, services, USPs, contact details and any other business details. This minimalist approach is likely to suit the overall design and colour aesthetics of your roller banner. And, something that’s easy and quick to read will be more likely to draw customers in, which should increase footfall to your exhibition space.

Call to action

Whatever information you decide to include, ensure that a call to action is present. This could be anything from contact information to a free sample offer; your aim is to try and get a passer-by to engage with your business stall and remember your company. If you’re using a Double Sided Roller Banner, you can even have slightly different information present on each side so that your audience get to know you better.

With us, you’re guaranteed high-quality roller banners that have the potential to significantly increase your visibility and attract engagement. For more information, you can View Our Collections Here, or Contact Us to make any enquiries.