The Top 10 Exhibition Centres in the UK

Exhibitions are a great way to get your brand, products and services noticed. But, if you want to start attending some events, it can sometimes be difficult to know which ones are the best for your business. And, whilst this depends greatly on the industry, knowing some of the best exhibition centres in the country can help with identifying the top events. 

So, in no particular order, here are our top 10 UK exhibition venues that your business should aim to attend.

Alexandra Palace

Perhaps the most well-known exhibition hall on this list, the ‘Ally Pally’ combines grand architecture with vast, contemporary event spaces. It’s one of the main exhibition centres in London and the Great Hall alone has a capacity of over 10,000. 


Edinburgh International Convention Centre

The EICC has hosted approximately 200,000 delegates since it opened in 1995. From the National Children’s Conference to the EICC Student Open Day, this exhibition venue has plenty of popular events to look out for.


Scottish Event Campus

Glasgow’s Scottish Event Campus also hosts hundreds of exhibitions each year, with many being in top-level event categories. It features a unique design as well as a four-star hotel for those travelling from afar.


Birmingham NEC

Opened almost 50 years ago, the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham is now one of the UK’s most-loved exhibition halls. This isn’t just us saying so, it has even been voted the number one exhibition venue in the UK, thus attendance at an NEC business event is essential!


Manchester Central

With a range of events spanning from the Insight Technology Conference to The UK Drum Show, there’s something for everyone looking for an exhibition in one of Manchester’s most iconic venues.


Exhibition Centre Liverpool

A powerhouse when it comes to exhibition centres, this modern Liverpool venue is in the city’s famous docklands and holds numerous events annually. As one of the UK’s most popular cities, exhibitions here are great for raising brand awareness.


Brighton Centre 

A stone’s throw from the iconic Lanes, the Brighton Centre can hold up to 5,000 delegates and has previously hosted everything from political conferences to gigs. In an area right at the heart of a popular tourist city, audiences for any event can be extremely diverse.


Ricoh Arena

Known for the football stadium of the same name that it’s connected to, the Ricoh Arena is also a major location for national exhibitions. On top of sports and trade shows, it plays host to a hotel, leisure club, and casino.


Wales Millennium Centre

Arguably Cardiff’s most recognisable building, the Millennium Centre is known for world-class performances and concerts. For businesses, there are also plenty of exhibitions to look out for every year.


ExCel London

With three sets of function rooms and a multitude of hotels, bars and restaurants either on campus or nearby, the ExCel Centre in London is one of the largest exhibition centres in the Country. Notable events include Sneaker Con and the Home Building & Renovating Show.


Of course, there are several other brilliant exhibition halls in the UK that play host to many more award-winning events, so always look for what you believe are the best industry shows for your business. And, once you decide on an event, ensure that you Create an Engaging Stall for Your Company.

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Frequently Asked Exhibition Questions (FAQs)

What’s the typical cost of entry for Exhibition Centres?

For visitors, the cost of entry will depend on the event, but many shows are often free entry to encourage higher attendances. For exhibitors, major UK exhibition centres will change between £300-£350 per square metre. This means that most exhibition spaces are likely to cost £3,000 or more.


What’s the typical cost of an Exhibition Stand?

Exhibition stands themselves are often very affordable, with some bundles costing Less Than £200. Of course, some stands can be in the range of £1,000 or more, but the fact exhibition stands can be reused makes them an excellent investment regardless. View Our Exhibition Stands Here for more information.


Why should I go to an Exhibition Centre?

Attendees tend to go to trade shows because they provide excellent networking and research opportunities. Meanwhile, exhibitors go to attract new clients and raise awareness for their brand and/or latest products. Read more of the Benefits of Exhibition Centres Here.


How do I know a Trade Show was a success?

Whilst some consumer shows allow you to sell products at the events, many trade shows are more focused on promotion. Thus, the success of certain events can be measured in numerous ways. For instance, you could assess How Engaged People were with your Exhibition Stand, or attempt to measure how many follow-up calls, emails, or visits you received from these events. 


How many Trade Expos should I attend a year?

This will depend on a variety of factors, including the industry you’re in, the quality of trade shows in that industry, as well as your overall business goals. You should always research any event that you consider going to so that you can establish a potential target audience. But, if you see real benefits from the expos you attend, then going to a few a year is highly recommended.