Protecting Roller Banners from Damage

How do you get the best possible value from Roller Banners?

This is an important question for any business that regularly attends exhibitions or trade shows. Roller banners play a vital role in advertising your company, products and services and such events. Therefore, the durability of your trade show equipment can be a determining factor in the success of your Exhibition Stand. With this in mind, here’s our advice for keeping your rollers banners in the best condition possible:

1. Handle with care

Before you even set them up, ensuring that you’re transporting your roller banners and exhibition equipment correctly can greatly reduce wear and tear. Roller banners are fairly durable in transit, but opening them slowly and avoiding folding when getting ready to move them are both recommended. Indeed, you should always follow the instructions carefully when it comes to setting up your exhibition stand.

2. Choose a suitable location 

With so many Excellent Exhibition Halls in the UK, there are great locations for you to set up a stand. But you should still consider the suitability of any spot. If an event is outdoors, for example, avoid spaces that could create a natural wind tunnel as this could hit your roller banners. Meanwhile, place items carefully in corner spots or other areas that have high levels of footfall to avoid people barging into your equipment.

3. Storage is key

Once the exhibition has concluded and your roller banners have been packed up, storing your equipment correctly is another important factor in preventing damage. Outdoor items need to be dry when they are put away, and everything should be stored in a location that isn’t too cluttered and damage from others is highly unlikely.

4. Don’t ignore maintenance

Lastly, if your equipment does begin to show signs of age, cleaning is always an option. To get roller banner graphics looking new again, simply use a damp cloth and apply a light brush. Don’t use any chemicals when carrying out maintenance, however, as these can damage the imagery further. 

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