Creating a Personalised Roller Banner

A personalised Roller Banner, also known as a pop-up or pull-up banner, is a great way to increase the attention you receive at Trade Shows. Not only can it help your business get its message across to potential customers, but a unique design can also make you stand out from competitors. So, here's how you can make a custom design with Cheap Roller Banners UK.

1. Choose your Roller Banner product

Firstly, you’ll need to decide what item you’d like from Our Collections Page. From there, you can choose which personalised roller banner product you think would work best for your business. Some options include our Desktop Range, our Double-Sided Roller Banners, a selection of Outdoor Displays and several others. You can even browse the Most Popular Roller Banner Designs for inspiration!

2. Templates

Once you’ve chosen your ideal product, you can find template designs that you can use as a starting point for your customised roller banner. On our product pages, look for the template PDF to start getting an idea for the basis of your pop-up banner’s new look.

3. The Logo and Text

Getting this step right is a vital part of Creating An Engaging Roller Banner. After you’ve decided on the information that you’d like to display, the placement of this on your personalised roller banner needs to be considered. Important details such as the logo, business name, and the call-to-action should be near the top of your design to be closer to eye level.

4. Adding Images

An image that captures people’s attention and frames your business in a positive light is something your personalised banner needs to achieve. Thus, when making your own design, be sure to choose a picture carefully: pick something relevant and high-quality (at least 300dpi). Remember to browse stock image collections if you need to find that perfect picture for your custom design.

5. Submit and Receive your Design!

Whenever you’re happy with your finalised design, you can submit your order and we can make start bringing it to reality. When it’s ready, we offer a free artwork check and next day shipping, as well as the ability to track your order online for greater peace of mind.

Personalised Roller Banners: Available Now

With us, you’re guaranteed high-quality custom roller banners that are versatile for repeated trade show use. They have the potential to significantly increase your visibility and improve engagement with your displays. So, for more information on any of our products, you can View Our Collections Here, or Contact Us to make any enquiries.