The Return of Trade Show Displays

This year marked the return of trade shows after almost 15 months away and, when Some of the Biggest Exhibition Centres in the UK reopened, it came as a warm welcome to many. For businesses and attendees alike, there were significant benefits to having these events back. From browsing through the Large Exhibition Stands to discovering new businesses and sales opportunities, there was truly something for everyone. 

Impact on businesses

It’s worth noting that this year started out with a fair bit of disappointment. In the first half of 2021, whilst the promise of vaccines was providing optimism, many trade shows had to be cancelled or rescheduled. But, when lockdown restrictions were lifted and relative safety returned, business were able to get back on their feet. Not only was there the return of physical trade and face-to-face customer interaction, but trade shows also came back.

Since then, the impact on businesses has been significant. Trade shows have provided the exposure that companies missed out on last year, whilst additionally providing a platform to reveal and promote new products. The value of the additional sales that these events have generated, and the New Customers That Businesses Have Engaged, simply can’t be quantified. 

The value to visitors

Companies aren’t the only ones to benefit from the return of trade shows, however. Many attendees (including ourselves) have missed the buzz around these large-scale events. They represent a great opportunity to find new suppliers and improve cost-efficiency or productivity. And, as a Trusted Roller Banner Provider, we’ve enjoyed seeing Unique Exhibition Stand Designs after a year and a half away!

Moving forward: How have trade shows evolved?  

Of course, the world has changed since trade shows had to close their doors in 2020. The ongoing effects of the covid-19 pandemic have meant that sanatory measures have had to be implemented. These have included the requirement or encouragement to wear masks, cleaning stations, and vaccine pass or text result checks. As we move into the new year, we expect trade shows will continue to evolve with the ever-changing situation.

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