Tips to improve your Exhibition Stand

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand or any new products and services. If your business is looking for better results from such events, then here are our tips for improving your Exhibition Stand.

1. Preparation

Planning the perfect exhibition counter starts well before you begin assembling any stands. Promoting your appearance on social media is vital for raising awareness, as is sharing your spot at an event. You can also do some research about the Location of the Trade Show itself, as tailoring your display to a local area can help drive interest. 

2. Messaging

Arguably the most important thing you can do to prepare for the exhibition is to determine the right message for your display stand. Knowing your objective – what you are trying to sell or promote – can make it far easier to create a memorable and unique exhibition counter. Designing a Personalised Roller Banner often allows for more effective messaging.

3. Set Goals

Having aims for the performance of your exhibition stand helps you to improve both your preparation and your messaging moving forward. Thus, businesses should go into trade shows with some loose goals that can be used as an indicator of progress.

notebook with goals


4. Behaviour

When it comes to the event, you should staff your exhibition counter with trained and confident employees so that they can deliver your message properly. Some behaviour tips for your team to keep in mind may include:

  • Stand at the front of your exhibition display stand
  • Don’t use your smartphone during the event
  • Stay standing if possible
  • Don’t eat or drink at the stand
  • Be polite and friendly

5. Exhibition Counter Layout

If you have an exhibition counter or desk within your display, try to make it look professional and enticing without becoming too cluttered. You might want a device that can relay information, such as a laptop, but you could also have:

  • Promotional merchandise
  • Flyers or Leaflets
  • A new product
  • Sweets or free samples
  • Something interactive

6. Make it memorable 

The most important thing you can do to improve your exhibition stand is to leave trade show attendees with something positive and memorable about your business. Making your brand interesting to people is essentially what these tips are all geared towards, as it’s a vital element of any effective exhibition stand. You can find more on How to Make an Exhibition Display Stand Engaging Here.

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