Creative Copy for Company Banners

When it comes to designing a message for your Company Banner, you need to make every word count. After all, you only have a few seconds to gain the attention of passers-by, so your roller banner copy needs an Engaging Design that Promotes your Business. This can make the difference when it comes to attracting new customers with your advertising. So, here are our tips for writing creative copy for company banners. 

1. What’s the goal?

Whilst it seems a daunting question, almost every business goal can be placed in one of the following two categories: create brand awareness, or sell. Consequently, if you can decide which of these primary functions you want for your company banner, you can then craft messaging around a more specific sub-goal. This can make your copy more focused, helping to garner interest at Trade Shows and Events.

2. Who’s the target?

Whether you’re designing a Stand for an Exhibition or simply want an Outdoor Banner, your copy must be crafted for your target audience. Identifying what your average customer’s interests are, as well as what their perspective on your business is, can be vital. It should enable you to engage more effectively with the people that might like your brand, as you can promote company strengths in your roller banner messaging.

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3. Creative Conciseness

In your company banner, you want to try and find a message that stands out but also keeps things simple. The vocabulary that you use should be clear and familiar, as it makes the point of your text easier to register. And, if your message can be understood quickly, it’s more likely to be retained.

4. Make it memorable

Finally, your copy needs to be worth remembering – the content itself must give consumers a reason to think about your business. Therefore, your company banner should feature text that is catchy, perhaps using a slogan, as well as helpful for passers-by. It’s imperative that you include a call to action, which could be anything from checking out your website to offering free samples.

Personalised Company Banners

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