Best places for portable banner signs

When it comes to advertising on the go, Roller Banners can be your company’s best friend. Not only are they easy to set up, but Our Collection also includes carry bags for easy and secure transportation. This means that Your Banner Signs are Protected as you spread your message from place to place.

Given how important physical advertising methods continue to be, getting the right placement for your roller banners remains vital. So, where are the best locations for your portable banner signs?

1. Away from the store

Firstly, not all banner signs need to be next to the storefront or your sales team. If you’re near a location that sees heavy footfall, then an Outdoor Banner can be hugely effective in signposting where your business is. If this is possible for you, then having a sign displaying your location or featuring the distance to your store helps your potential customers.

2. Inside the store or showroom

Placed strategically on your premises, a portable banner sign can be used to inform customers about the products you want to sell. Alternatively, you can display promotions, discounts, or offers that could drive people towards a purchase.

colourful roller banner in office


3. Outside the store or showroom 

The above can also apply to portable banner signs that are directly outside your place of business. However, your message towards customers outside your store should be geared more towards evoking curiosity about what you can provide, rather than encouraging a sale. 

Outdoor banners in this setting can be used to Promote General Company Events. These include grand openings, job vacancies, as well as upcoming events or promotions.

4. In the reception area

For offices, portable banner signs can be a great way to welcome new and potential clients into your place of business. Roller banners are very effective for relaying key company information and for creating a positive first impression of the brand.

hsbc roller banners

5. Internal celebrations

Company events can still be an excellent time to deploy a roller banner. They allow your business to show appreciation for employees, or to highlight successes that you’ve had in the past year (such as awards or sales records). 

6. At exhibitions and trade shows

Finally, portable banner signs are essential for businesses attending exhibitions or trade shows on a regular basis. Personalised Displays can be eye-catching and help you to stand out from the competition. Moreover, portable equipment such as rollers or Exhibition Stands allows you to create Engaging Spaces for people to discover at these shows, whilst making the experience easier and more enjoyable for your staff. 

The Best Portable Banner Signs

In essence, roller banner signs can be used and reused for a variety of purposes. And, considering that many of the above locations would share similar messages for your company, the portability of your banners is a necessity. 

Thus, we provide a range of easy to transport roller banners, exhibition stands, display boards, and much more. You can discover our Full Selection of Cost-Effective Products Here for more information.