A Guide to Desktop Roller Banners

Desktop Roller Banners can act as an excellent companion to your exhibition stand, or they can be utilised on their own for unique promotional opportunities. If you’re interested in marketing your business in a new way, read our guide below!

What is a Desktop Roller Banner?

Designed to be placed on tables and other elevated surfaces, a desktop roller banner is a smaller version of our 2 Metre Banner. Like their big counterparts, they feature retractable banner stands and can display a Personalised Image for your business. Also known as mini or compact roller banners, these products come in both A3 and A4 sizes to provide options that suit any type of exhibition stand.


desktop banner with table 

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of using a mini roller banner include:

  • They act as a great accompaniment to larger exhibition displays, enhancing the look of your stand at Trade Shows  
  • Your business can communicate its message more effectively with the extra banner space
  • They provide an affordable, cost-effective marketing solution
  • Like our regular-sized roller banners, they’re easy to fold away and transport, making them a practical travel solution
  • You can avoid clutter at smaller events because they take up less room naturally!

A unique way to advertise

In addition to all this, desktop roller banners can be great for specific promotional opportunities. For instance, by adding a QR you can deliver information about your company to passers-by more effectively. Conversely, you can add directions to the compact banner or place something nearby to Increase Engagement with your display. This could be business cards, Flyers & Leaflets, or even free samples.

scanning QR code

To conclude, desktop roller banners can provide a new dimension for your business to spread its message, products, or services. For more cost-effective solutions to physical advertising, check out Our Full Collection Here, or feel free to Get in Touch Today.