What is a Pop Up Display Stand?

Pop-up banners and display stands provide excellent advertising for your brand, especially at Exhibition Shows. For anyone wondering whether they should invest in some for their next trade event, here’s all the information you’ll need to decide.

What is a Pop Up Stand?

A pop-up stand is a display that allows you to show a high-quality image, that can also feature products or services as well as brand information. It’s not to be confused with online pop-up banners, which are digital display ads. This physical form of advertisement is highly effective because it is low-cost and portable. Pop-up display stands typically feature a frame that can be assembled and disassembled with ease, as well as lights, a travel case, and the company graphic.

How do Pop Up Displays work?

Like our other displays, pop-up banners are assembled from a portable kit or base. After setting up the frame with Self-Locating, Magnetic Locking Arms, simply clip the graphic into place to complete the display. At the end of your trade show, you can take it down quickly and easily by reversing these steps. 


What size is a Pop Up Display Stand?

Pop up stands come in straight and curved frame options and can be several metres in both height and length. This makes them highly effective for Improving Your Exhibition Display. However, Our Collection features numerous sizes when it comes to display stands. Other options include Desktop Displays as well as a wide variety of Roller Banners.

Why should I use a Pop Up Banner?

Some of the notable benefits of using a pop up display stand include:

  • They allow you to advertise to passers-by, both at storefronts and exhibitions
  • You can display key business information and Engaging Messages to the public
  • They’re easy to set up, lightweight and reusable 
  • Exhibition counters are included with some products
  • They offer a Cost-Effective form of Advertising

pop up stand


Can I create a personalised Pop Up Banner?

With Cheap Roller Banners, this is simple to do and highly recommended. We encourage adding unique images, Creative Text, and a call to action that’s personal to your prospective customers. You can read the steps to Designing a Personalised Display Stand Here.

H2: How much do they cost?

Because of their size, pop up displays are often on the pricier end as they are typically associated with large Exhibition Stands. But with us, you can choose from a range of pop up stands that offer excellent value. We also have a selection roller banners and other displays, so you can be confident that you’ll find the perfect stand for your company’s next trade show.

For more information, view our Pop Up Display Stands Here.